Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buttermilk (Chaas) with Cumin

Cumin: Cumin is usually used both as whole seed or roasted and ground into most dals, curry dishes and vegetables. Not only is it one of the prolifically used spices, it is also an important one because it aids in digestion. It has a slightly bitter and nutty taste and a distinct strong and warm aroma. It helps to add an earthy and warming feeling to cooking, making it a staple in certain stews and soups, as well as curries and chilli.

Buttermilk (Chaas) with Cumin

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(Preparation time: 5 minutes; cooking time: 2 minutes; makes 4 glasses)
Mattha or spiced buttermilk is a savoury drink drunk all over India. With a hint of spices and fresh herbs, this refreshing drink is very healthy and aids in digestion. Sit back, relax and enjoy every sip of this cool concoction!

3 cups Greek yoghurt
1 cups water
½ tsp salt or to taste
½ tsp toasted Cumin powder
½ tsp Green chilli-ginger paste
1 tsp fresh mint leaves-chopped
Salt to taste
For the tempering:
1 tsp Ghee/Grapeseed oil
½ tsp cumin seeds
½ tsp garlic chopped
¼ tsp green chillies

For the Garnish
1 tbsp chopped cilantro

Whisk the yoghurt with the water until it is smooth. Add the cumin powder, green chilli-ginger paste and salt and mix well. To temper the chaas, heat the oil/ghee, add the cumin seeds and garlic. When the garlic becomes golden add chillies. Allow chillies to crisp up and pour the tempering over the buttermilk. Serve garnished with chopped coriander.

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